Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Book Review)

Jerusalem, Jerusalem book cover

Carroll presents his belief that violence is inherent in human nature, and all religions display violent characteristics in their fundamental structures. The book can be confusing with indirect thinking and few references to facts. Therefore it presents the opinion of one individual, rather than a studious review of facts. However some of the information on history of the Christian church were informative. Continue Reading


The Demise of Film-based Photography


Kodak invented digital photography in the mid-1970s. However, Kodak and other producers of film products delayed the adoption of digital photography as long as they could in order to protect the much higher profit margins from silver halide systems. The quality of digital photography is still lower than a comparable film system. However low quality imagery represents the largest percentage of images created, so digital cameras now dominate the photography industry. Continue Reading


Two Books on US Spy Agencies (Book Reviews)

These two books relate the history of America’s spy agencies – the OSS, and its successor the CIA. These stories describe organizations that performed dishonorable activities and developed extreme measures such as torture methods and assassination attempts, all in the name of protecting American interests. I found the Legacy book slanted and filled with an incomplete and biased picture of the CIA that I couldn’t put much value in. There must be some portion of truth in these books, but there seems to be a lot of opinionated information intended to mislead the reader. Continue Reading