The Forgotten 500 (Book Review)

51dZOkqpvMLI have been reading (actually listening to audio recordings while I commute to/from work) a number of books that have some relationship to my new employment, Personnel Recovery.  This has given me a chance to explore topics I’ve had little contact with in the past.  I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve encountered, which have some valuable information to our world today.

Another book  I’ve read is The Forgotten 500, by Gregory Freeman.  This book is not that well written, but it tells the story of how poor Yugoslavian Serbian villagers aided over 500 Allied Airmen who were shot down behind enemy lines during World War II bombing raids, and how these men were eventually rescued in became the largest rescue operation in history.  This story is not well known because Allied politicians decided to support Tito, who was opposed to these courageous villagers and their leaders.  This is another book that documents a recently declassified story of courage and success despite active interference and opposition of our own Government.   It’s value is in understanding the U.S. relationship to Europe, historical figures, allies and “enemies”.


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Mark Bobb

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