Inside the White House (Book Review)

Inside the White House Cover ImageIn this book, the author interviews people that once worked in the White House in order to get an insiders’ view of the character and integrity our Presidents and their families.  Secret Service agents, domestic servants, aides and others are purportedly interviewed for the book by Ronald Kessler, once a reporter for the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

The various anecdotes and stories presented in this book have a curious tone of the “tattletale” or “voyeur”.  Some of the stories are attributed to specific sources, but others are not.  Controversy seems to be the purpose of this book, rather than complete factualness.  In the very end, Kessler tries to provide an analysis of the content and stories, but it is weak and limited in scope.

In general, this book seems only slightly better than stories found in supermarket checkout lines.

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Ronald Kessler (Wikipedia)

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