Life and Works – Mozart (Audiobook Review)

Cover - Mozart - His Life and MusicThis is a different concept of presentation from other books I’ve read.  It is best if the audio version of the book is used, as opposed reading it, because of the extensive interplay of the text with the music.  Clearly, the text is meant as to set the stage for the music, which is the centerpiece of this publication.

Mozart was a genius, or a prodigy, in the purest sense of those terms.  Composing minuets at age 5, his first music to be published was at age 8, with 6 more sonatas published by age 9, and he continued to compose and perform at ever greater numbers throughout his amazing life (1756-1791).  His only education was in music, he and his sister toured Europe performing for aristocracy and commoners, and he had a difficult relationship with his dominating father which affected his later life.

An interesting introduction to this amazing composer and his life.

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Life and Works: MOZART

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