Magnificent Desolation (Book Review)

Book cover

What happens to heroes once the spotlight moves past them? Buzz Aldrin found it difficult to deal with, battling depression and alcoholism. He successfully overcame those afflictions to become one of our leading proponents of space exploration. He raises questions about being a hero, handling personal challenges and driving toward progress through exploration. Continue Reading


Area 51: An Uncensored History (Book Review)

Area 51 Book Cover

Finally declassified, the stories about the development and operation of reconnaissance aircraft A-12 (aka U2) and SR-71, and hundreds of nuclear bomb tests are chronicled in this history of Area 51, one of the most secretive US Government installations. This well-documented book is well worth reading, but the author’s speculative last chapter should be taken with a measure of salt. Continue Reading


Argo (Book Review)

Argo cover shot

The Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979 involved 66 hostages, plus six Americans who evaded capture and hid in the Canadian Ambassador’s home. This story of how the CIA actually planned and successfully rescued the six is fascinating and much better than the recent movie of the same name. Continue Reading