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Mark BobbHi, my name is Mark Bobb. I’ve been fascinated by photography since my early teens, when I was fortunate enough to receive some awards for my photography in national competitions.  Inspired, I pursued the technical aspects of photography and graduated with degrees in optical engineering and imaging science from Rochester Institute of Technology.   In my career I’ve served notable employers such as Eastman Kodak Company, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and the U. S. Government, functioning as engineer, researcher, and manager for cameras and imaging systems spanning a range of users from professionals and children and applications from spacecraft to submarines.   I even hold a few patents and have written some professional articles.

While the technology of imagery is my vocation, this technical background primarily serves as a foundation for my avocation and enthusiasm for creating inspiring images.   My aim and fulfillment is to create images that capture the essence of a subject, an awe of life, and the world that surrounds us.   Images should tell a story, inspiring the viewer to think and appreciate.   With this, I humbly share my Portraits of Nature and Life.

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