Colonial Williamsburg — Holiday Wreaths

The holiday season between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a major attraction at Colonial Williamsburg. In celebration, many of the buildings are decorated with one or more wreaths. Each wreath is a masterpiece, far more elaborate than I recall seeing before. The wreaths are generally crafted from living materials which are dried and tied to a ring of evergreen or other materials. A variety of materials are used such as nuts, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, artichokes, apples and other fruits, flowers, and even mushrooms! Many of these wreaths also symbolize the building on which they are hung — search for the wreath from the cobbler’s shop, the tavern, or the weaver’s shop. Continue Reading


Colonial Williamsburg — Governor’s Palace

Cellist in the Ballroom

The main entry into the Governor’s Palace is a regal chamber with 16-20 foot high ceiling. The walls are rich wood skillfully fashioned to display the colony’s armaments. The walls are covered with swords and muskets in stunning geometric patterns which are also very practical. In times of attack, these defenders can rapidly grab a weapon from the wall; we were told it took less than 15 minutes for all the weapons to be distributed. When no outward enemy was around, the Governor (who lived upstairs) could keep an eye on the armory and insure no revolts were afoot. Continue Reading