Colonial Williamsburg — Governor’s Palace Gardens

Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg typically begin at the Visitor’s Center which includes a complex of buildings, a hotel, a motel, and a conference center. Shuttle buses run from morning to 10pm, but you can easily walk into the historic areas from many places.

My first stop coincidentally was the Governor’s Palace Gardens. I started exploring the gardens in the back of the Palace, with its topiary, gravel walkways, and imposing brick walls.

Sunset in the Governor's Palace Gardens

Sunset in the Governor’s Palace Gardens

The entrance to the Palace is topped with a gorgeous heraldic shield of lion and unicorn.

Governor's Palace Shield

Governor’s Palace Shield

Wooded tunnels line both sides of the garden, providing cool walkways for hot summer days.

Tree lined paths

Tree lined paths

A number of places to sit and contemplate the garden are offered.

Garden Benches

Garden Benches

Garden Benches

Garden Benches

More on the gardens to come …

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